Room In Roof Insulation

Around 55% of heat lost from an un-insulated home goes through the roof. The good news is you can install room in roof insulation.


No insulation in your Room in Roof is like having no loft insulation in a standard property. 


Many households with room in roofs that are not insulated find these rooms too cold to use or very expensive to heat either way they tend to be used just for storage rather than an additional room.  


We can help you utilise this valuable space and give you that additional insulation that you require. 

The Room in Roof (RIR) scheme is designed specifically for type of houses we have in this area, where many of the terrace properties have bedrooms in the attics.

The scheme will insulate between the rafters in ‘rooms in roofs’. It is the first time that funding has been available for this measure in this type of house.


What are the Benefits?

Saves you money on your heating bills.

Reduces 55% of heat loss through your walls and loft.

Preserves the lifespan of your current boiler.

Lowers carbon emissions thus reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Cooler in the Summer & Warmer in the Winter.

Adds value to your property & the property is brought up to building standards.


Who is eligible?

All properties must have a room in the roof.

The scheme is targeted at communities, not at people on benefits, so your personal circumstances do not matter.


What is the process?

In order to determine whether your property can be insulated under the ECO scheme a report has to be done first. (This is an EPC energy performance assessment) This will not cost you anything.

During this assessment, someone will visit the property and take detailed measurements in the attic to work out how much it will cost to install and whether the funding will cover it.

Generally the work will involve battening and putting an insulated board on to the sloping walls and flat ceilings, plaster boarding and skimming. The final thickness will be between 75m and 150mm. The funding scheme does not include redecoration, however it is a service that we can provide and quote for the work


How will it be worked out whether I can have this work done for free?

The EPC Assessment calculates how much carbon would be saved by installation of the insulation and the value of this based on current price of carbon.

This is weighed against the cost of the insulation, to work out whether the measures can be installed for free. Generally, the more energy a household uses at the moment (and the less efficient it is), the more carbon they will save by having the work done.

The cost of the insulation will depend on how much insulation is used, whether any electrical or plumbing work has to be carried out (moving sockets, radiators and the like).


Is insulation between rafters the only work that can be carried out under

this scheme?

It is possible to treat Cavity Walls, Lofts and Replacement of boilers in non-traditional, solid and Hard To Treat Cavity walled properties; there are different funding streams and incentives available.


Help us save you £’s and heat up that cold roof room

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